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APGENCO JPA Trade Test 2013 Syllabus and Exam Pattern


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The candidates whose cases are provisionally screened and called for in the ratio of 1:3 for “Trade Test” is scheduled to be held on 13-04-2013 [Saturday] from 10.30 AM to 12.00 NOON at the 2 [two] centres viz. (i) Hyderabad; and (ii) Vijayawada, for the post of JPA in APGENCO, and they are requested to follow the following instructions mentioned below:-

(1) “TRADE TEST”: The Trade Test will be conducted in the following 12 [twelve] ITI Trades, as per the “Syllabus” prescribed by the Government. Separate question paper will be set-up for each Trade from the syllabus of their Trade. The "Syllabus" prescribed for various ITI Trades can be down loaded from website
(ii) FITTER;
(vi) TURNER;

(2) The "Trade Test" will be conducted in the respective Trades of ITI in which the candidate acquired the qualification;

(3) The candidates who have studied 2-Years Vocational Course in Electrician Trade as on 01-10-2011 viz.

(a) Electrical Wiring & Servicing of Electrical Appliances [EWSEA]; (b) Electrical Wiring & Contracting [EWC]; (c) Electrical Domestic Appliances Repair [EDAR] shall be required to appear for the Trade
Test in the ITI Trade of "Electrician";

(4) Similarly, the candidates who have studied ITI through "Centre of Excellence" [CoE] Scheme as equivalent to that ITI qualification shall also be required to appear for the "Trade Test" in the ITI Trade of "Electrician";

(5) The duration of the “Trade Test” is one hour and thirty minutes. The questions will be in the form of "multiple choice questions" with only one answer being correct among the four alternatives suggested, therein. The Date and Time of Examination is indicated on the Hall Ticket. The Candidates should reach the examination centre half-an-hour before. Candidates will be allowed into the examination hall half-an-hour before the scheduled starting time [10:30 AM].

Candidates shall not be allowed into the examination hall after the scheduled time and shall not be permitted to leave examination hall before the closure of test time [12:00 Noon] under any circumstances;

(6) The "Trade Test" will be for 25 Marks consisting of 50 "Multiple Choice" questions and each question will carry "half" mark. The Question Paper will be in "English" & "Telugu";

(7) Candidate should write their Hall Ticket Number and Name of the Candidate only in the space provided at the top of 1st page of “Question Paper Booklet”;

(8) Candidate should also write the “Booklet Code” in “OMR Answer Sheet.” The corresponding Booklet Code [A, B, C, D & N] may be darkened in OMR Answer Sheet using Ball Point Pen [Blue or Black] only. Candidate should note that if they fail to darken the appropriate circle of Booklet Code on the OMR Answer Sheet, their Answer Sheet will not be valued. The respective "Trade" of the candidate in OMR Answer Sheet should also be darkened;

(9) Immediately on opening the “Question Paper Booklet”, check
(a) Candidate must ensure that he/she has received the correct question booklet, corresponding to his/her "ITI Trade",
(b) Whether 50 multiple choice questions are printed,
(c) In case of any discrepancy, immediately exchange the question paper booklet of the same "ITI Trade" [same code also] by bringing the error to the notice of Invigilator;

(10) Candidate shall darken one of the circles 1, 2, 3 or 4 [answers to the respective question] on the OMR Answer Sheet using “Ball Point Pen” [Blue or Black] only;

(11) The OMR Response/Answer Sheet will not be valued if the candidate
(a) writes the Hall-Ticket Number in any part of the OMR Response/Answer Sheet except in the space provided for the purpose
(b) writes any irrelevant matter including religious symbols, works, prayers or any communication whatsoever in any part of the OMR Response/Answer Sheet, (c) adopts any other malpractice;

(12) A separate OMR (Optical Mark Reader) answer sheet will be provided to the candidates. The candidate has to mark his answer to each question by darkening the correct circle by using "Ball Point Pen" of "Black or Blue". The OMR answer sheet will not be valued if they darken the answers of the questions by using "Pencil";

(13) The Candidate has to bring a good quality "Ball Point Pen" of "Black or Blue" to the examination hall;

(14) The candidates can retain the "Question Paper Booklets" with them after the "Trade Test" and hence candidates need not return it back to the Invigilator. The candidates will also be allowed to retain with them the duplicate copy of OMR answer sheet but not original and the ORIGINAL OMR SHEET invariably be handed-over to the Invigilator;

(15) The Candidate has to follow meticulously all the instructions given on the question paper book-let and OMR answer sheet; else his answer sheet may not be valued;

(16) Usage of calculators/mathematical tables is not permitted. Cell phones or any other electronic devices are also not allowed into the examination hall; No loose sheets or papers will be allowed in the examination hall. Rough work should be done only in the space provided in the Question Paper Booklet;

(17) The question paper book-let will be preserved for one month and OMR sheet will be preserved for a period of 6 [six] months from the date of examination and thereafter they will be destroyed;

(18) The Hall-Ticket is issued to the candidate for “Trade Test” under 1:3 ratio assuming that the “ITI Trade, Total Maximum Marks, and the Marks Secured in ITI”; claim as Contract Labour & Apprentices; Local Scheduled Tribe; and other information submitted/entered by the candidate in the “online application” or "Affidavit" as the case may be is true/correct/genuine;

(19) The Gate Pass(es)/EPF Annual Accounts Slip(s) submitted by the candidates claiming “weightage marks” for the service rendered by them in the APGENCO as Contract Labour; Agency Area Certificate claiming as Local Scheduled Tribe or any other information furnished by any of the candidates such as mentioned at Para-18 etc., found to be fake at a later date, the candidature of such candidate will be summarily rejected and no correspondence whatsoever will be entertained apart from lodging a criminal
complaint/s against such candidates; and

(20) The candidates appearing for the “Trade Test” shall also follow the conditions mentioned in the Notifications dtd.05-01-2011 & 17-10-2011 and also the conditions mentioned in the “Hall-Ticket”, scrupulously.

Click below Concerned Trade Syllabus

List of candidates provisionally screened & covered under 1:3 for Trade test Click Here ***
Note : Apart from the above candidates, the candidates whose names are mentioned in the Notice 10 & 12 are also covered under 1:3, to whom Halltickets will be issued manually.

Read Notice 10 & 12

Notice 10 Click Here 
Notice 12 Click Here 
Affidavit Click Here
Date of Trade Test
Notice 14 :
 Click Here 
Instructions to candidates
Notice 15 
Click Here 
List of ineligible candidates
Notice 11 
Click Here

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